Monday, August 27, 2012

Eddi Haskell's Poll On Pathfinding gives very Interesting Results...

Check out my buddy Eddi Haskell's Blog post on the new Pathfinding feature on Second Life HERE

You have all been sick to death of me bitching about pathfinding I am sure so I will not go on yet another war path of destruction but I will let you read Eddi's poll and see what you think.
I would like to add however that the results of his poll show that many people have no idea what pathfinding is or that it has even been introduced...way to go Linden Labs on spreading the word about your own projects, ...
After my last few blog posts about pathfinding I was temporarily swamped with questions about how to turn it off on your own sims. The Lindens should make this a default off option instead of making people panic to turn it off!

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Anonymous said...

... Isn't it funny how these things come along and many of us, myself included, go along with it - assuming everyone else knows what the heck is pathfinding - but we remain silent so as to not reveal our ignorance of the thing.

.. And I still don't know what pathfinder is .. but Lindens makes us feel it is yet another bonus to make life evermore wonderful .. like jiggly butts, mesh, ... etc ..

And now people wear Mesh like their life depends on it. Bye Bye sexy SL.

But hey! .. when is the last time we "rubberbanded"? So happy that moving across the sim involuntarily .. and snapping back .. is a thing of the past .. I hope.

Still - I dunno what is pathfinding - but I do know the original intrigue of SL needs a path to find its way back to us!

Your Friend DUNE!