Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Carnage In Second Norway...

 OMG something horrible happened in Second Norway last night when a car and bus collided leaving a cadaver on the streets for all to see and ride their motorcycles over!
On the scene were Mialinn Telling, Slayer Enyo, Jaydee, Nuada Flagon and (gulp) myself but I swear I did not cause it by swerving my motorcycle into oncoming traffic after smoking a rather strong joint with someone! ;-)
I was arrested a few miles from the scene but managed to persuade the very sexy police officers to let me out on bail....I was innocent, Innocent I say!

 After being freed on bail I partied of coarse at Aqua Lounge with DJ Kaj who rocked my balls off....

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Oh you cruel and heartless Norwegian Queen, how would I survive in a Norwegian prison with all those beautiful prisoners with dirty hands and their penis's all pointed at my heart?
Um...would the prison rooms have nice curtains and room service?