Friday, August 17, 2012

Adventures In Second Norway....

 I have not been having a very good time these past few days with a roaring toothache which the prescribed painkillers have little effect on but the tooth gets surgically ripped out of my face on Tuesday....In the meantime my Second Life has been a blast and meeting new friends in Second Norway. As you can see by my pictures here there is avast array of very interesting characters and avatars which also allows me the freedom to play and shapeshift.
(Above pic: Fun and frolic at the end of my driveway. I am the black wolf furry)
(Below: Lots of talk and laughing always going on especially with Mialinn Telling and cute fuzzy furry - Slayer Enyo,,,I am the wolf on the far left with the mesh knee high leather boots and bushy tail)
 (Below: A spooky seance which fortold our futures)
 (Below: More converging of motorcycles, cars and interesting avatars at the end of my driveway)
 (Below: More fantastic characters I meet everyday in Second Norway....this time I am the owl avatar)


Bock McMillan said...

Awww the Norwegians seem to love you too! ;)

Mialinn said...

This is what SL is and sometimes serious..but we end up having fun anyway. This is what makes the norwegian community special too, all are welcome...even the swedes.
Hope your pain will go away soon and you wont have to say Ahhhhh...anymore ;) the dentis ofcourse. Omg i use a lot of