Thursday, July 05, 2012

Stomping On The Throats of Slebrities...

Ever since the dawning of time human beings have been absolutely obsessed with fame, fortune, money, the Jones's, sex and celebrities and Second Life is no better with self-appointed Slebrities poncing about the grid trying to be famous!
Just what is a Slebrity you may hiss?
A Slebrity is a celebrity in the virtual 3D world of Second Life.
Now there are actual famous avatars on SL which are not on purpose but shame shame everybody knows there name:  Philip Linden, Jessica Lyon and various other peeps that everybody has heard of because they invented something stunningly fabulous but the Slebrities of which I speak are avatars who think their shit don't stink and that they are above everybody else by self-appointment. Attitudes so thick and foul that we are left retching violently over the nearest toilet on mere mention of their name or face! I will not name these names for fear of making them become more Slebrity by default but watch out for fear of stepping in their Slebrity golden shit.
We are all just men and women playing dressup with virtual 3D dolls and anybody who thinks they are the queen of the place to see is sadly delusional...we are all wonderful people in our own right and we love to play hour upon hour on Second Life as pretty, handsome little characters but none of us are more important or special than others!
I have some folks in mind right now as I write this post and if you close your eyes and take a deep breath then you will smell them too!
This cute little blog post is a nice little stomp on the throats of the wanna-be Slebrities and maybe it will be a wake up call to stop thinking your something fucking special.
Bet after reading this your thinking of a Slebrity right now!


Nigel said...

What gets me are the people who slap "CEO" or some other title of mock authority on their tag and expect you to treat them like royalty because they own their own little shop that sells crap.

Honey- earn it. Then I'll think about it.

Spanki Moulliez said...

I can think of a few, lol
It always made me laugh to see how people act and think they are SLebrity, I will always refuse to hero worship someone just because I was told they are 'important'
We are all as important and unimportant as each other :)) Esp in a virtual world which Lindens could pull the rug out from under our feet any time they choose.

DJ InsyX said...

People just need to remember that no matter what one does on SL, it should all be about fun. Yeah I am a club owner, and a long time DJ...but my main goal is to have fun. Like me, Friend me, but please don't worship me....I am flawed like everyone else hehe....perfection is boring.

Not a fan of celebrities, gossip, or reality shows...hell I can't even tell you many actors names and shit lol. All in all tho, there is conceited annoying people in the world. Always will be some Kardasian piece of shit that wants the next 15 minutes. I'll stick with the peeps that keeps it real and just be themselves and have fun.

Great post :)