Friday, July 06, 2012

Second Pride Ends For Another Year....

Second Pride is now officially over for another year and a quiet calm sets over the Second Life community as things return to normal, whatever that may mean!
I loved Pride this year especially since I had to work through all of my real life Pride week.
This years Pride reminded me of the golden days of Second Life when everybody from all walks of gay life partied together under one roof. The past few years has seen the Second Life gay community splinter off into what I consider, way too many off shoot clubs all striving to obtain crowds.
Back in the day (2007) there were only a handful of real major gay clubs like Ironworks, Aqua, Aussieboys, Impulse, Zeus, Devil Inside, Club Thunder and Milehigh Club etc and there seemed to be more unity. Every club owner and DJ seemed to all attend each others party's and you would see Marcus and MJ dancing alongside Benu and Drew alongside Dazza and Alex alongside Insy and Paulec and Dex and other club owners and the party schedules did not seem to overlap with each other. Everybody was always at the same party and the crowds could be massive at times. This years pride stage reminded me of those days when I saw many rival club owners and DJ's dancing in the same vicinity.
Wouldn't it be really cool to have one big club where every night of the week would a be a certain clubs night such as Mondays-Aqua, Tuesdays-Impulse etc etc.
Everybody supporting one big common place with no conflicts, infighting or ego's....
I have old pictures from 2007/2008 of the original Ironworks club packed wall to wall with avatars. I have pics of Paulec, Dex, Insy, Tymus, Vanyel, Vortmax,  Marcus, MJ, Dazza, Alexcub, Benu and Drew all dancing in a line together and I have pics of all incarnations of Aqua and Milehigh Clubs with massive crowds and faces of long lost friends all missing in action! Name one gay avatar who did not dance beside you at one point at Devil Inside!!!! (many of you young 'uns think I may have dipped into the virtual cocaine again with these people being in the same room but it was true back in the day).
This years Pride seemed to recapture all that and this was why I enjoyed being there for hours and hours dancing with old and new friends all in one location.
My legs have worn out from dancing so much these past few weeks and it's time for me to vanish from the party's again for awhile and head out on the highways or the Blake Seas...Yup even I have drifted off into my own little bubble of a world of my own making!
Hope to see you all again somewhere, sometime again this year and if not i hope I see you again at next years pride if our Second Life and Real life's don't end with the 2012 apocalypse hahahahaha....
Be proud
Be yourself
Be good
Be bad
be around.....xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Also give thoughts and prayers to our fallen friends who are no longer with us...

-Love Ziggy


Doc Spad said...

Ziggy, I think you hit the nail on the proverbial head.
I was so pleased to see so many different groups and personalities come together this year as a single "Gay" community. That is what we wanted to accomplish and I hope that is what was created at this years Pride. Thanks to everyone that made it happen. Be Proud...Be Strong!!
Doc Spad
Seocond Pride Chairman

Rocky Constantine said...

As noted by Doc, I also recognized the way the walls came down this year between many in our diverse community. It was great to see a mixing of clubs and DJs all coming together having a great time. I also appreciated the variety of events and exhibits. Kudo's to everyone for a great Second Pride.

Rocky Constantine

Peippo said...

The Pride was so much fun! It was amazing to see so many different people having fun together, as you said. Great post.