Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rainbow Sails Yacht Club and Second Norway...I Gasped!

 Lately I have been hearing alot of talk about Drew Barnard's Rainbow Sails Yacht Club on the beautiful Second Norway sims on Second Life and decided to grab my camera, my horse and my boat and take a tour. I was accompanied for a while by my buddy Bock McMillan.
I hoped on my boat and took the 10 minute trip from my home into the far corners of The Blake Seas to the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club. What a beautiful, peaceful place. It is located in the Second Norway sims which after visiting it made me gasp as the detail and beauty of this place. The Second Norway sims impressed me so much that as we speak I am looking into moving there from my current home!
First up, The tranquil, cozy Rainbow Sails Yacht Club....
I hope Drew does not mind if I copy the clubs description here but hr sums it up perfectly.

Rainbow Sails Yacht Club
Second Norway - Ymer Harbor and Lighthouse Marina, Ymer (202.094,59.5,23.21)This is a club for gay sl sailors that I've created. Located in beautiful and welcoming 2nd Norway, the club features yacht berths, a clubhouse with lounge and bar and some beautiful, scenic views for romantic apres-sail moments. No need to feel awkward with boyfriends at general yacht clubs - this is a place for us.
You can also tour the beautiful 2nd Norway sims .... so much to see you could be married and divorced before you've seen all the interesting bits nearby ;-)
This is a community project and there is no charge for berthing at this time. My goal is to provide an alternative to the nude beaches and dungeons. Not to slight anything or anyone - I love them all - but I thought it would be nice to have a collegial alternative.
This is a sailing club, and berths are reserved for sail boats only. We will be organizing cruises and, if there is interest, races as well. IM Drew Barnard for group invitation.
Second Norway - Ymer Harbor and Lighthouse Marina, Ymer (202, 59, 23) - Moderate

 First off I landed at the landmark lighthouse of Second Norway...

 I met my buddy Bock McMillan at the Rainbow Sails docks and I began pouring my love for the sims to him as he knew the owner of Second Norway and helped me inquire about possibly living there....

 (Above: The docks and clubhouse for Rainbow Sails)
 After exploring the club we set out on a hike through Second Norway. I told him that when I first seen everything I gasped at the great work and realistic setting of every inch of the sims.  Detailed cobblestone roads which go for miles.
I think it is actually the best sims I have ever seen in Second Life....

                                (Above: The little church....)

 It was getting late for Bock and he had to get to bed so I continued on exploring by trusty horseback. I came across 2 very friendly girls there, also on horseback. I had met 5 different residents there and they were such friendly people making me want to live there even more....

 After a 2 hour hike I headed back to the Rainbow Sails Clubhouse and got a rest, ate dinner and jumped in my boat and headed home....
What a spectacular place and I plan on spending alot of time there when I can and hopefully move there in a few weeks....

More info here: Second Norway




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Bock McMillan said...

It was great exploring with you for a while, Ziggy ;)

Love your pictures!