Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 Been out of touch these past few daze because I been suffering from a fucking real life kidney stone which sent me screaming to the hospital for some um...painkillers! Yup Zig was working the emergency ward!!!!
We are talking liquid morphine here bitches and it takes away the pain and gives me an unbelievable buzz....higher than a motherfucker as Nicki Minaj says...
After spending the day in a purple haze I made it back onto Second Life and hooked up with my sexy, cute buddy Tauren Ashdene and he sure cured what ailed me....
                               (Below: Tauren Ashdene)
I also spent some time revamping this underground blog of mine and decided to up the anti just a little bit and making it more in touch with my edgy side.
When all was said and done I took off on a much needed Second Life holiday and sailed out to the mainland, moored and then headed out on the mainland highway for some speeding for the sake of speed despite the fucked up sim crossings which have been extra bad lately due to those zany fucking Lindens adding yet more crap to fuck things up. This time they are forcing this silly "pathfinding" crap down our gaping throats!!!! We finally get calmed down over the mesh fiasco and they bring in more buggy crap.
I like the mesh furniture, the mesh hair, the mesh avatars etc etc but I am sorry but the mesh clothing still looks like shit and the pants have ugly, baggy crotches on them to add to the horrific fact that we also still have to wear alpha layers and change our beautiful bodies just to accommodate this shit!

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