Monday, July 16, 2012

Home At Second Norway...Part One

 Finally finished moving in and settling in and getting everything cozy at my new home in the Haug sim of Second Norway....I now have the best of everything all in one place: Comfy, spacious log cabin, docking for my boats, trails for my hiking and horse back riding, a skybox race track for my motorcycles, a great rock and roll club, very friendly, gentle people as neighbors and so much more.
I love how the waterways have draw bridges that open to let your tall sailboats through and then close again behind you! I see more boats sail past my home then ever before.
I am in a quiet corner of the many sims and don't even feel like I need any security orbs etc etc.
What impressed me the most when I first discovered Second Norway and still impresses me now is the extreme attention to detail in every single inch of all the many sims.
To be continued...

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