Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ahabs Haunt - Island Of Mystery and A Dead Sea Monster

 My new group called Gay Explorers Of Second Life took to the seas today on an expedition to Ahabs Haunt.
Tomais Ashdene, Chance Rasmusen, Avacar Bluestar and myself took my boat from my house yacht and rode a quick trip to the nearby mysterious island that was created by the Lindens and their moles....
It is a small island with the massive dead skeleton of a sea monster on it with a big lagoon in the middle where the stomach of the creature was. Under the water is the old stomach contents of the sea monster such as old, rusted submarines, boats, treasure an array of junk and a smaller skeleton of a sea monster perhaps implying that at the time of death the monster may have been pregnant or it ate it's own young!!!!

 (Above: Tomais Ashdene, Avacar Bluestar, Chance Rusmusen and myself swimming in the belly of the beast)
                                Halfway through we decided to switch to mermen)

I had a .fantastic time and we spent hours talking and an avatar show and tell before touring each others homes with another friend Adam Ravenwood. We ended up at sunset on Tomais's deck and got way too drunk....Great Day.
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