Monday, June 04, 2012

Wish List For All Second Life Sailors....

I woke up today and decided to go sailing. I tried a sailboat but can never get the damn thing to sail in a direction I want but instead get stuck with whatever the direction the Second Life winds carry me so I went and got a better speed boat here:
Now this got me to thinking of a great wish list for all SL boaters:
1) In The Blake seas especially but all protected waters, it would be nice to have a 5 hour or so auto-return on the sim so we could stop off somewhere for some exploring on an island without our boats being returned to us the minute we get off the seat! This way we could park our boat, cuddle on the beach and then climb back on board and continue on our boat trip! It would also be nice for us to move around on the boat when parked mid water and have a sit down with friends or a shagging session without the boat vanishing when we stand up!
2) If possible it would be great to have 4 water sims all joined together to make one big sized sim with less sim crossings so we don't catapult across the great grid divide and into the crotch of a bumbling noob!
3) Less lag
4) Ban those fucking BAN LINES
5) Make security orbs a little friendlier with more time to get the fuck outta there before being ejected in 2.0 seconds with no warning

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Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your wish for longer auto return, so you can stand from your vessel, check out something on land, and then return and sail on. Also, it would be so nice to be able to anchor somewhere scenic, and then move about the ship with friends.

Also, yes band those ban lines!

I found your blog, searching for any comments I could find from someone who has sailed on the Black Hawk. I've long admired Lia Woodgit's craft, as her tall ships are I think the best designed and textured in SL.

I would like to eventually get a tall ship that sails SL winds, as I love my Trudeaux sailboat, the J Class. It does a very good job on sim crossings, and is very fast, as it has a lot of sail. I suggest learning the basics, of how to sail on SL winds, using one of the smaller free sailboats that you'll find at Nantucket Yacht Club, and others.

Anyway, nice to see a current blog, from someone who enjoys SL too. Take care!