Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well Isn't That Special...Second Life At It Again!

Well back to Second Life after a 7 day absence to find that everything seems fucked up as usual. Can't rezz stuff, (sometimes I get a flickering mouse arrow in my inventory and then it won't allow me to drag to the ground to rezz...after a relog it works again but relogging is getting tiresome!)
I am also finding textures blurry and not coming into focus like it was a year ago on Second Life!
Worst of all...any hint of camming or saving a snapshot to disk and a hard, unforgiving crash is your reward!
I attended a live in-world Madonna concert today and could not take pics or cam in to take pics without crashing. So much for blogging on Second Life events!
Moral of this story is, log on to Second Life, stand in one spot and just type or IM but don't look anywhere or move or you will crash...hmmmmm sounds like one, big, fucking 2002 html chat room to me...GET YOUR FUCKING ACT TOGETHER LINDEN LABS AND STOP MAKING NEW USELESS FEATURES AND "UPGRADES" UNTIL THE FUCKING OLD BUGS ARE FIXED....Jeez they can't do anything right!
Pathfinding whatever=fail
Remember the simple days when we all used viewer 1, Emerald viewer of the original Phoenix viewer and we just logged on and had fun?

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