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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My New Home at Port Thalipolli at the Windward Yacht Club...Part 2 On The Inside

 Last week I posted pics of my new home at The Windward Yacht Club in Port Thalipolli on the mainland of Nautilus. Here is part 2 with pics of the inside of my houseboat/yacht...
Part One showing the outside past blog post here: http://ziggystarsmith.blogspot.ca/2012/06/my-new-home-at-thalipolli-pothalipolli.html
                          (Above: The main floor living room)
                           (Above: The bar area)

                            (Above: The back deck main floor)
                            (Above: Main floor entrance and dance floor)
                            (Above: Dining room)
                            (Above: The third floor library)
                            (Above: Third floor deck jacuzzi)
                             (Above: Second floor bedroom)
                            (Above: Second floor deck)
                             (Above and below: The boat controls and driving console)

                           (Above and below: Second Floor spiral staircase)

                              (Above and below: Back of the ship)



Bock McMillan said...

I can only say one thing, AWESOME! ...and I would like to add that the boat also looks great! ;)

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Come live in it with beautiful xoxoxoxoxox