Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun Fabulous Second Pride 2012 - Part 3

 Another great day/night at Pride 2012 on Second Life.
Some great upcoming party's still instore...Thursday June 28, 2012 7pm to 900 pm SLT the great Stonewall Anniversary party (See poster above)
Also tonight 7pm SLT June 27 2012 my buddy DJ Shepherd will be Djing and spinning the tunage at the Second Pride stage but I plan on being there the whole fucking day as I finally have time of real life work!
Below you can see that Ziggy the rockstar did a return one time appearance and I glammed it to the bloody max! (No Ziggy is not back to the drugs and his old tricks, he just returned his old persona for Pride) ;-)

 (Below: The big sexy, studly Avacar Bluestar)
 (Below: Tonight DJ Shepherd will do a rare gig at the Second pride stage at 7pm slt....)

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