Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun and Fabulous Second Pride 2012- Part 7 The Wrap UP.....

Well Second Pride 2012 is over for me as I am back to my horrific real life work schedule for the next 7 days. It has been a blast and the best Second Pride ever.
I had wanted to party last night at the Pink Beefcake Party with DJ Zan but during DJ Regi's splash set beforehand I had gotten violently ill with food poisoning or something evil and missed alot. Maybe it was because I caught sight of myself dancing naked. I am still feeling sick this morning and I had not even looked at those pics! ;-)

Anyone with pics please share....Happy Pride everybody and see you in a week!
Photo courtesy of my buddy Naked Carl....Check out his Pride Coverage and blog here

Happy Second Pride 2012 everybody and party on.....

1 comment:

Bock McMillan said...

Ughh so sorry to hear about your suspected food-poisoning, beautiful!

...and don´t you dare to blame your wonderful naked body again, or I may spank you (but only if you don´t like getting spanked...)

TC and it was great having you at Pride. Hope to see you back soon!