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Friday, June 01, 2012

Ziggy Returns To The Mainland on The Blake Seas...

Well I moved habitats yet again but not on purpose. I was forced to leave my private island home called 29 Palms because the sim owner had to sell the island. I think it was actually a blessing because I actually was bored on a private sim and missed the mainland despite the issues!
Long story short, I finally found the home of my dreams by The Blake Sea on the Northeast mainland continent of Nautilus and I now live on a huge yacht moored at the Thalipolli sim at the beautiful Windward Yacht Club.
It is pure heaven for me because I am on pure open sea sims on my favorite area-The Blake Seas. I can sail, balloon, fly, hike, ride and scuba dive until I pass out. In 5 minutes I am sailing the Blake Seas on my boat from my home dock! I love it!
My home is a massive yacht boat that even has it's own dance floor and a helicopter landing pad as well as 3 floors of living space! I will post pics when I get the chance!

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