Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ziggy's New House...Homemade!

I was bored the other day and so I went to a sandbox to try my hand at trying to build my own house! I wanted something with all windows on one side that were slanted so i could stand anywhere in the house and have a great view of the water.
After 30 minutes I managed to build a structure I loved using only 6 prims!!!!
When I was done I loved it so much I decided to use it and move in rather than my log cabin which was beginning to make me feel claustrophobic.
It is circular with 3 levels and half glass and half natural rock. First floor living room, second floor bedroom and third floor a sky garden. I made a hole down the center of the house for a huge birch tree to come up through the floors on each level and spread out the main branches of the tree top on the third floor sky garden/solarium....
                                  (Below: The 3rd floor solarium/sky garden)
                         (Below: My bedroom on the 2nd floor)
                         (Below: My living room on the 1st floor)
        (Below: A massive birch tree grows up through a hole in all the floorboards)
                                (Below: Living room)
                             (Below: Bedroom)

                          (Below: The rooftop solarium)

                          (Below: The entrance to my new Man Cave Club)
                              (Below: More of my Man Cave for private party's)

 (Below: I added a section for petite avatars and tiny's to hang out for when I play as my petite avatar...)

   (Below: I also erected a massive light house on the mountainside in the back of my land with great views from the clouds)


Bock McMillan said...

O.M.G. what a man with talent can do in 30 minutes would take the rest of us a lifetime!

Great work, Ziggy, stunning, creative and imaginative! ;)

Eddi Haskell said...

It really IS cool, i like the way the windows look, very organic and not just straight lines. You should sell it on SL Marketplace.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanks for the comments guys but I don't think it's good enough to sell!
I might try my hand at others weird shapes houses until I get more confident at it.