Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ziggy Goes Clubbing Again...

 I bought myself a sexy horse the other day and went on an exhausting horse ride down the highways of Corsica on the mainland. My legs were stiff and that wasn't all so I decided to go out on the tiles for the night and check out some new as well as some old favorite clubs...
Started our gallivanting last night at Regi's Warehause 69 for sexy Avacars 6th rezz day with DJ Ralphy. Ralphy was hot and when Avacar finally removed his shirt our pants were soaked...just sayin!
Great atmosphere at Regi's club but one of his escaped meero's pissed on my leg and if I wasn't an animal lover I would have kicked the thing a new ass hole.
 Started out today at Bearforce with DJ Karl and Host Kharissa and had a winning streak on the sploder...My buddy Larz won the bloody contest for best in black, the lucky prick!

 Afterwards we took a cab over to Tadds Caberet and Dance Club where we stumbled upon a very drunken Eddi Haskel who was half naked wandering in a daze around the strippers and slurring obscene innuendos at the poor shirtless pretties! We threw him into a cab after having a good long feel of his ass, and sent him home to bed...tisk tisk tisk....Just for the record, Eddi was all hands the whole cab ride home...dirty bugger!

 After taking off all of Eddi's clothes...his shirt, pants, undies and um...socks, we tucked him into bed and partied on to the Gay Riveria for Temptation Tuesday at Adonis with DJ Scott Summers and Host Kharissa (that gurl must have been tired)

Saw alot of sexy people at Temptation including the short-fun-sized fucker Zim Gunsberg who was hotter than a whore on a rock in the sun and very cute and cuddly Rocky (Rockridge) Constantine who removed his shirt and kept banging against me on the dance floor oblivious to the fact that I fainted like a diva on the ground and needed mouth to penis resuscitation!
After the night was through and the people on my friends list began dropping off line like flies I once again hopped on my new black stallion and took a long ride on the mainland. For some reason I kept thinking of my late friend; Hurtfulsplash and how I will never again see him drink a beer and burp on the dance floor. I miss him badly and as a tribute I still wear my "Ziggy" back tattoo he made for me a few months ago!
There are many friends who have turned off their computers for good and left Second Life. Some by change of lifestyle, some by death and some by choice.
As I rode my horse down the lonely stretches of the Linden roadways I thought of them all and all the defunct clubs which have also disappeared from the grid but not from our memories. I realized that on Second Life I am almost 5 years old technically and I am bloody old. Hahahahahaha....I have seen and done so much and met so many fun people. As for me leaving Second Life...they will have to rip the mouse and my inventory from my cold dead hands before I ever leave this wonderful place!!!!!!!

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