Sunday, May 27, 2012

Zeus Explorers Balloon Trip Over The Blake Seas...

 A fabulous time was had by all in attendance this morning as The Club Zeus Explorers took to the skies above the Blake Seas by hot air balloons.
My balloon is the red and black one with the big letter Z on the side.
Tomais Ashdene and Toby Atlass, Michelangelo Villota and friends led the way as we sailed in the skies to new heights. My buddy Kyle Beckett joined me in my balloon as helicopters and planes buzzed around us as we took in the great views...the ground views were hot too ;-)
There was no sim crossing or lag mishaps and I think everybody had a flawless trip...enjoy the pics!

 At one of the sim crossings we were all transformed into these silly sitting positions with our legs sticking through the baskets. (Below: Ziggy and Kyle Beckett)

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Tomais Ashdene said...

Great post, Ziggy! The trip was a lot of fun, we'll definitely be doing it again. :-)