Thursday, May 24, 2012

I been Caned

I been caned.., deliciously by Bock McMillan in response to this!

From Bock McMillan:

"Throwing a cane means: someone (a blog owner) asks you five questions and you have to ask five questions to another blogger. It is a pyramid scheme but nevertheless some fun. So I will post the rules and then select some other bloggers. The rules:
  1. Set a link to the blogger who has given you the cane..
  1. Answer the questions.
  1. Then throw the cane on five other bloggers.
  1. Tell these persons that they have received a cane.
  1. Ask five new questions.
Cane throwing.
My questions were:

1. How long have you been in SecondLife and why did you join?
ZiG: I originally signed on to SL in 2006 but never logged back on with a name I have no recollection of but then in November 2007 I took the time to sign on with the name Rex Short. I was a total noob, with a blond, Linden hair mohawk and spent the first 3 months learning what the hell to do. I spent weeks stuck on Help Island then my mishap I found myself at a place called Dance Island with all night raves before finding my way to a place called "Aussie Boys" and "Boots Beach". Things took off from there!

2. It is sometimes said that there is a problem with "the threshold" in SecondLife, meaning that it is difficult for new users to learn. What are your thoughts on this?
When I joined it was on a place called "Help Island" where you had to follow this path which took you around a sim and taught you the basics. I remember a huge cylinder where you had to practice flying up and down. I never did learn how to fly properly and to this day I can't and don't fly unless forced to! To me it was a long threshold learning curve and I had to idea how to resize things or even what prims were. I had a skybox given to me when I became a co-owner of the late Aussieboys club and crammed it with shit, unaware of prim counts or that there were limits until Dazza Slade and Alexcub taught me. I knew nothing of AO's and penis's until Paulec Decuir bought me some and forced me to have them before he could be seen with me haha...I was such a pathetic noob! I do think there is a massive learning curve for new users but that made it all the more fun!

3. What do you wish for most in the future development of SecondLife?
I wish the Lindens would stop with the new bells and whistles crap and new features and work on getting SL working right on a regular basis instead of hoping for "Good Days".

4. What is the most important thing you have learned about yourself in SecondLife?
That you can try and create and be a fantasy character all you want but over time you just become yourself and real life and Second Life meld together. I tried to be this rockstar party boy and ended up just being "me".

5. Why do you blog?
I started blogging as my last alt (now deleted) named Rhett Whybrow but the blog never went anywhere and from day 1 when I was reborn as Ziggy I began blogging. I had previously been blogging about my real life for years before  on message boards and blogs about my real life times as a professional musician in the 1980's and the blogs had been extremely popular.My real life blog culminated into a big rock concert in 2005 that reunited everybody from back in the days of 1986. Then I discovered Second Life....My Ziggy blog transformed my real life experiences doing drugs and sex only with some over the top embellishments only based on Second Life. I think back at how stupid alot of my antics were in real life but when put in terms of an avatar on Second Life they became rather slapstick humorous. I continue blogging to unfurl my "artistic" side which I miss from my days as a recording musician.

Below: The earliest picture of my original avatar on Second Life in 2007 named Rex Short....

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Bock McMillan said...

Great answers, sexy! ;)

Now, tell me what you are going to do about 3-5 in the rules? ;P