Monday, May 07, 2012

Hot and Sexy Men From Second Life # 10

The return of Ziggy's Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life...(above Tomais)
                                      (Above: Leander)
                              (Above: Kolin)
                            (Above: Cannon)

                              (Above: Kyle)
                               (Above: Tauren)
                              (Above: Damiax)
                              (Above: Avacar)

                              (Above: Holter)

                              (Above: Shepherd)

                              (Above: Jimmy)
                             (Above: Valiant - in human form ;-)
                              (Above: Zann)
(Above: Thorn)
                              (Above: Bock)

                             (Above: Larz)
                               (Above: Dagger)


Carl said...

A great series and I look forward to following it. A hot sexy looking guy like you should attract a lot of hot sexy guys. Have a great week.

Baz Exonar said...

Ziggy, assuming that is an old pic of