Sunday, May 20, 2012

Get High At Zeus....

Ballooning with the Zeus Explorers

My buddy and fellow explorer, Tomais Ashdene has planned a fantastic excursion next Sunday May 27, 2012 at 7am SLT taking a hot air balloon trip. 
I definitely will be getting high with Tomais and friends. Hope to see you all there to try something new in your SL, maybe for the first time!

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DJ InsyX said...

Pretty cool. I have a nice hi-tech 8 seat hot air balloon which MB, Bret and I and other family remembers use to trek on all around SL. I still use it from time to time hehe. I always loved after a few hours we go to lower altitudes and get trapped in the ugly no entry walls/ban lines of a plot of land lol.

Nah it is great fun. I'll give u the name and lm of where I got mine from. It is from that same place with all the planes, ships, and sky boards.