Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Club Blu at Boystown Closed....

The infamous Club Blu at Boystown has closed it's doors and is no more!
After it's last party last night with DJ Dextrum Boucher the club closed it's doors and was deleted..yup there is now a vacant lot where once stood the legendary club!
Seems all the clubs are deserted lately and attendance records at an all time low. I expect a few more places to be gone soon too. Many long standing, legendary clubs have long gone...Devil Inside, Ironworks, Aussieboys, Fierce, Fat Tigers and now Blu all gone!
Definately the end of an era...


Unknown said...

Sad. I still miss Devil Inside.

Eddi Haskell said...

Are you really sure attendance has fallen on the club scene overall? There seem to be so many more clubs now open than there were two years ago. I can't even keep up with them. The 7-9 PM time slot is especially packed with too many clubs competing for a limited number of people.

My guess is that the number of clubgoers is the same, but that they are spread out all over the place. Spurt Beach and other outdoors places really should be considered a club when a DJ plays there; and if you add attendance at these places, the total number may not be declining.

Joaquim Quintessa said...

That sounds like good news, Eddi.
I would be interested in any list, particularly for the survival of gay communities in SL.
I, for one, have seen place after place close down. Blu was one club where there seemed to be a regular crowd with familiar faces/names. It would be sad if this community now disperses or even 'fades to grey'.
I really hope more options arise very soon with other entrepreneurs like Ziggy creating great spaces for all our sexy avatars to meet and make new friends.