Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chapter 2 Of Ziggy Second Life: A Success,,,

Six months ago on this blog I proclaimed of being sick of it all on Second Life and felt in a rut.I sure bitched and moaned alot and I often blew whistles and called people out!  I wanted to change the direction of my avatar's life on SL and start Chapter 2 of my SL!  Now as I look back I am very happy with the way my new SL has evolved. I think I have better friends, real friends and I am not obsessed with sex, party's, clubs, drugs. I stopped going to the clubs for awhile but find myself slowly going back to them without the burden of the bullshit and drama on my back and feeling pressures of loyalty to one or two certain places. I have found a healthy balance of my love for exploring...sailing, hiking, horseback riding and my love to still be able to party if and when I want and not because it is the "cool" or "in" thing to do or the popular place to be seen. Fuck all that delusional bullshit...
My Ziggy character has found himself and also finally, feels comfortable with his looks (although don't hold me to that hehehe ;-)
I have been partnered over the coarse of this blog 3 or 4 times with all of them beautiful men who still to this day remain my best friends! I am single now and happiest this way I think! No pressures no hassles, no hate and no drama! Free to go where I like, when I like and with whom I like without worrying of hurting anybody's feelings. Who knows what is in Ziggy's future romance wise but that is something I don't think about! I think most of the men I am interested in are all married and that's cool. I like them as people not sexual conquests ;-)
I also know that despite the issues that I get mad about with SL and the Lindens and viewers, I will never quit this place as long as it exists. If it disappeared tomorrow I know the people I love on SL are as close as an email away!
I had a slow night at my rl work tonight on a 12 hour shift and took the time to read my own blog and look at the pictures from the past 2 plus years of this blog from the very first day in 2009 to now! Wow did I change hehe...Places changed too. Pics of old Ironworks, the original Club Blu, Aussieboys and many long closed and forgotten places that are long gone but still preserved hopefully forever on the internet and on my blog! I am glad I did it and kept on doing it despite the moans of me threatening to quit several times!
My blog is not huge, it is not overly popular with thousands of page views.It is not hip and cool. It is not trendy or fashionable but it can be funny and very underground at times.
This blog is going nowhere but upwards and onwards and so is Ziggy...
So I guess we can call this next part...Ziggy Starsmith Chapter 3 huh?


Bock McMillan said...

YAY and I am so happy to have followed you a way on your journey, buddy!

I am hopeful that you and I will be the last two avatars standing there if and when Linden Lab should at one time decide to shut down the bloody servers, and there could be no better man to share that experience with!

...and I think you look stunning, always! ;)



I am proud to call you a friend Bock...a good friend!
You know I could marry you in a heartbeat hehe but we both know the score ;-)