Monday, May 14, 2012

Blind Teleport Offers...Blind TP's

Blind TP's...when someone on Second Life sends you an offer through a drop down box on your viewer screen to take you away from where you are or what you are doing to their event, usually a club or a party where they are either DJing, hosting, dancing or some other act where they want you to come and support them and the event! They do this without speaking or communicating with you in any way beforehand. Sometimes they never speak to you at all but you were trusting enough to be on their friends list and they send out these spamming offers in a big mass to everybody!
I can understand that they would like to have you come support them but to never speak or communicate you in any other way besides when they want you to come to their event is FUCKING RUDE and IT ENDS WITH ME TODAY!!!!
(OH shit Ziggy got bitchy again!)
I have 4 people who shall remain nameless who regularly if not many times a day, send me blind TP offers. One is a dear friend from my past but rarely speaks to me anymore besides wanting to send me a TP.  One is a recent, casual friend who talked with me only in chat at the club where they stripped at but other than that they basically never gave me the time of day! The third one is a casual friend who owns a club and never speaks to me or has ever hung with me besides sending me a TP to their club! The last one I never spoke to but when I was at their club they gave me a friendship offer. Now I know what for...I did not agree to be friends with you to be used!
It never fails when I am somewhere already, visiting or busy or enjoying a quiet moment sailing that these blind TP offers invade my viewer screen and sometimes if I am not carefull I click to clear them off my screen and get ripped by mistake from my chosen atmosphere and find myself plunged into the middle of a laggy dance floor usually filled with snotty, unfriendly cliques of avatars at their club! Taken and abducted against my will, often when I am in swim attire or completely naked (as I love to lounge around nude on my property).
This act is fucking rude and unless the person is a special friend or at least messages me first and asks me if I am busy and would like to have fun at a party then I will now consider this a hostile act and I will delete you from my friends list no matter who you are!
Don't get me wrong, I understand the slant of where this is coming from. You have an event and you want to fill it up, usually to also hold out your hand for lindens for the privilege of being in your vicinity! My late friend Hurtfullsplash used to instant message me and ask me nicely if I was busy and if not would I be interested in coming to a party. This was very social, polite behavior and in almost every instance, I accepted his offer and went to his party!
Now for you other people, well sorry Mr Bigstuff but this is what group notices are for. If I want to decide which party I want to go to then I will view the offerings of the group notices. What would you do if you were busy DJing or hosting and I sent you a blind TP offer to come watch me take a shit in the woods? Would you embrace me (scratch that hehe)..or be furious?
I am sending this blog post out as 24 hour notice to the blind TPer's to give them a chance to cure their sins or suffer the wrath and vengeance as my friendship delete button becomes a ban hammer.
No offence, we can still be friends if you ever decide to speak or associate with me other than offering me random, blind TP's. Bet you won't give a shit though huh? Bet you won't even notice I am no longer on your friends list either huh?  Don't you dare now start sending me a fake, plastic message first saying Hi Ziggy whacha doin' then a TP offer because I will see right through your tricks!
For now on do not offer me friendship if all your interested in is having me on a list to mass spam me!
If we are casual friends and have not spoken for a long time and offer me a blind TP then the 2nd time you do it you will have your screen invaded with a drop down box from me telling you that I deleted your friendship!
If we are good friends and we speak regularly and you offer me a blind TP offer I will throw my drink in your face and then berate you unmercifully for hours until your forced to log off to make me stop!
The motto of this rant: Never spend a minute of your time towards anyone who cannot be bothered to spend a second to be polite to you!


Butch Diavolo said...

You are just so darling when you get fired up :D
*sends a blind TP*


It is sexy when I get my panties in a bunch or my hair in a twist! lol
Butch, send me a blind TP to your house when you are naked and watch what happens then...bring Bock too and make a Swedish sandwich with me as your meat!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right on this one.

Also, many group notices have gotten out of control. A notice is one thing, but fifteen for an event is harassment.

I like to be informed, but I also like to build in the evenings. Dodging constant smutty notice bombs ruins the experience. Certain narcissistic, selfish, greedy club owners and personnel are abusing their privileges.

These self-appointed delusional SLebrities are intruding on thousands of lives nightly to milk a few Lindens out of 15 or 20 dupes. If they could only see themselves as the needy, low wage telemarketers that they are.

Anonymous said...

OMG Ziggy..well said...I have come to the point where I warn the person once that I do NOT like blind Tps...then if they do it again...I just delete them, no further warning.

LOL...I remember a couple years ago...i was well....ummm....sorta sexing someone up...and I thought I was clicking an xcite hud, but instead found myself naked in the middle of a party...LOL It was VERY embarrassing, but I laugh about it


Bock McMillan said...

I totally agree with all that the lovely stud Ziggy says in the post and what you guys have said above.

Blind-TPers go off my list - or if I like them for some crazy reason I hide myself from them just as Avacar does. ...and the person Avacar mentions was one of the first to suffer the fate of defriending many years ago.

I have come to the conclusion that those who friend you straight-off do so because they want to start a career of some sort and have been told that they need a large friendslist - but I may be paranoid...


Well it's 48 hours since I posted this and I received no blind teleports so maybe it's working!
It's sad that we have to hold our breath and stamp our feet and wet our diapers just to get some common courtesy!

DJ Kaj said...

I hate blind TP's too. When I get one from someone I immediately blind tp them back. It's amazing how fast someone blinds you when you retaliate that way. Am thinking of a certain club owner or two. The 2nd time I ask them to stop and mention how rude it is of them to do that without even attempting to IM me about it first. After that they're blinded or removed from my friend's list.