Friday, May 18, 2012

Bears vs Twinks vs Furry's vs Tiny's...

Well I was recently referred to as being the brutally honest Simon Cowell of Second Life with my last post on Blind Tp's. I had a great response and the majority were in agreement that unauthorized TP offers were a pain in the ass...I am also happy to say that it worked and for some strange reason I have received no blind TP offers in the past 3 days (gasp).
I spent the last few days clubbing again and checking out some different clubs, some new and some old and some clubs were catering to certain "cliques" or "types".
I have always known that there are basically 4 kinds of avatar types and they tend to all stick with their own kind because of certain stereotypes and attitudes.
These are some general observations:
Bears and cubs: Bigger, muscled or fat hairy guys usually facial hair and hairy chests. Most often very masculine and sexy. Sometimes also leather men! Sometimes they make fun of twinks...
Twinks: "Regular" sized guys or smaller and boyish looking, not always hairy, clean shaven and little or no body hair. Often teased as being "Pink Twinks". Often young teenage boyish in appearance. Sometimes look upon bears and cubs as undesirable...
Furry's, Tiny's and Elven: This category of avatar seems to be looked down upon by both Bears and Cubs and Twinks. I have been a furry and a tiny as well as Elven and have noticed these prejudices first hand. Furry's are usually an animal type avatar such as a wolf with some human body parts or even a human avatar with a tail.
Tiny's or Petites are small sized avatars usually the height of a regular sized avatars knee.
Elven folk usually have pointed ears and fantasy type clothing.
The other day I was a furry wolf avatar and forgot and teleported into a sim that did not allow furry's and I was instantly ejected!
I also noticed extreme negative reactions whenever I have been a petite avatar and when I was my old persona, Rhett Whybrow, I was an Elf with pointed ears in my early incarnation and was often referred to as "spock" from Star Trek as well as other nasty comments!
Now all these inside bickerings and hatreds between avatar types seems to contradict what the Second Life experience is all about. Second Life is a place where you can be and do almost anything you want. It's your deal and your fantasy!
I have seen twinks snickered at when they attend a bear club and bears snickered at when they attend a so-called twink club. Why? Nothing is hotter than seeing a cute, blond twink in the arms of a big, hairy cub!!!!
I have been a bear/cub, leather man, twink, tiny, elven as well as a woman on Second Life at different times and sometimes even all in one day ;-)
I just think it would be a lot more fun if everybody mixed and mingled and just because the person is not the type that the club or clientele finds attractive I think all should be allowed and accepted. I don't mind dancing beside a twink, a bear, a furry or a tiny and I think it makes for a more fun and diverse atmosphere!
I especially don't think that someone should be barred from a club or experience because they are a certain size or type and in fact if you do it to me I just may be a "Simon Cowell" and call you out on it publicly!!!
Get over the bullshit and get on with the fun of Second Life....


Anonymous said...

Again, a very good post Ziggy.

Even beyond the physical differences, there are divisions based on sexual preference, place of origin, language, and social status.

There are also cliques that pass judgment on a world they barely participate in from social networks like Plurk.

"Insecurity" can cause people to be ringleaders and followers.

It takes bravery to be your own person and to embrace others as they are. One would expect gay people to sensitive to this in SL.

DJ InsyX said...

Yep I seen all of this in certain places. This is one reason I pretty much always say my club is open to all no matter who you are, as long as you are cool.

There are plenty of places that are the same way. Actually, I only know of a handful of places that are over stuck up on certain types, while the majority of spots on SL tend to advertise for certain types, but can care less if you are different just as long as you have fun.

I DJed at many places where a woman tps in, or a twink, furry, whatever...and they ask is it cool that I am here. I love the place...The owners and staff all in unison pretty much state hey so and so, glad you and it is all good.

Yeah sexually I am attracted to big to chubby bear types, but my cool-a-friend-meter likes everyone, as long as you are not an asshole lol. People need to wake up and get thier heads out their asses and realize what you sleep with should not be the only thing you can be friends with. If so, then how much different are you from the Ku Klux Klan lol? Just saying lol.

Bock McMillan said...

All behind you on this too stud! I never did understand the need to separate into subgroups that never interact and never meet. It takes all the fun away,

Be what you want to be yourself and let others do the same! And for the sake of all that good in the worl interact sometines, you man even enjoy it...