Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aaaaaargh...Pirates On The Blake Seas

 Last Sunday I was sailing along on the peaceful, Blake Seas in my favorite sailboat when a loud boom erupted and cannon balls went shooting past me and sending huge splashes of water rising up all around me from the water. I had ventured into the Pirate Zone of The Blake Seas and was being shot at...under attack!
I cammed out to find 6 huge pirate ships of all sizes, shapes and colors engaged in a massive battle with each other! The boats would circle each other and then fire cannons as they drew up alongside the rival ship. Smoke and fire wizzing by, cannon balls and wreckage. One of the boats burst into flames and began to sink. When it was halfway sunk it exploded sending sails, wood, barrels, crates and flames everywhere. What a show, what a trip!
One of the pirates IM'd me and asked if I was interested in joining in. I told him I had no pirate ship and no cannons on my boat but I was enjoying watching the show. He gave me a free pirate ship sailboat with cannons and a hud to fire them off with.
I rezzed the boat but could not figure out how the hell to sail it using the Linden winds which only blew me southward. If I wanted to turn around and go north, I couldn't. Needless to say I was ascended upon in a swarm and shot at until I sank!
I went home and devised a plan. I removed 2 cannons from the unsalable ship and made them bigger (penis envy of coarse) and linked and mounted them on the sides of my favorite boat. Worked like a charm. I could steer and maneuver very easily and yet still have big guns....SO!
I set sail again for the pirate sims and went hunting humans! First boat was a small boat with red sails and 8 cannons and it came after me but my boat was faster and they didn't last and they died as they tried....
 Made myself a punk rock pirate outfit made out of black leather with a parrot on my shoulder and attacked every pirate ship on site and was second to none!
 (Below: There are also Naval ships and planes and submarines duking it out in the same watery arena....)

 When the day was done and all the rival pirates ran away crying for their mommies I came home and relaxed by the sea. What a great new fun activity on Second Life. There were times when all guns were blazing and it was so fun I actually laughed out loud at the chaos.
Nobody is angry during the battles and most pirates IM each other laughing about the experience and to say Ahoy.
 Pirate Ziggy of the sea...don't fuck with me.....
There are 4 pirate sims of pure ocean in the Blake Seas in the sims called: Thunderer, Cannonade, Beaufort and Kendra.

These 4 sims are rezzing enabled to rezz your ship and to rezz cannon balls when you shoot them. There is a sky platform observation deck over the water so you can safely watch the battles and not get in the way if you wish!
There are other sims containing pirate club houses, caves, clubs etc etc but the above 4 are the main battlegrounds.
There is a place called BLACK SPOT where you can buy pirate ships or regular type schooners here:

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