Monday, May 28, 2012

29 Palms...My New Home

 I moved yet again...
My mainland home at Bron Yr Aur on the mainland of Corsica had become unusable because a club had moved on the same sim and was packed 24 hours a day with 40 plus avatars constantly dancing there and I began to find that I was unable to TP to my own home or even to invite friends over because the whole sim was always full. I loved the mainland but now I see why so many people told me they hated it! Some people on the mainland can be assholes, let's face it!
I was battling several land barrens who would buy up the empty land all around me and if a tiny single leaf on one of my trees encroached over their land by a centimeter they would use parcel return to send my stuff back to me in bulk.
I was also constantly invaded by noobs walking into my house and to top it all off, the damn club moved in.
I sold my land dirt cheap and looked for a new home. I searched for a few days but could not find anything I felt comfortable in until my buddy Shep offered me a small, cozy plot of beach land at my old sim where I used to live.
So I am back on the beach. My old place was called Bron Yr Aur named after a Led Zeppelin song and historical site so this time I took it in the same direction and named my new tropical beach "29 Palms" which in keeping with tradition was a Robert Plant (singer of Led Zeppelin) song. (Video below of the tune)...
I love my new home and there are some empty plots identical to mine still up for grabs so if you want to be my neighbor then check out the land. The plots are L$5,000 per month, 937 prims, 4096 sq m. and all on the water on a private, island sim. For more info contact: Aeschylus Shepherd inworld. No lag and it's beautiful there.


Anonymous said...


I admire your adventurous spirit with mainland but it doesn't take much to send things to the crapper there.

I think you picked the place where you belong... among friends and family.

Shep is a very good guy.

Bock McMillan said...

It looks wonderful, Ziggy! I hope you will be happy there ;)