Monday, April 02, 2012

Ziggy Goes Sailing On The Blake Seas

Well you would have been an April Fool to think that Ziggy was leaving Second Life when I just got a brand new sailing schooner and there were mass amounts of sea to sail, especially the BLAKE SEA
I think I read somewhere that the Blake Sea consists of 60 sims all joined together for sailing, swimming, scuba diving and flying and is a joint project from a project between Linden Labs and Second Life Sailing communities. No ban lines to snag your vessels and send you catapulting into the netherworld....
Anyways I have been leaving the bar and club scene behind (or at least cutting back) on the partying since I discovered my love for exploring and adventure. I bought a nice schooner from Black Spot called the BLUEHAWK and have been riding the waves ever since. Met some new people that I may never have met at the clubs and since day one on Second Life I have always been a believer in walking in Second Life whenever possible rather than flying or teleporting so that i can see the beauty and interesting things and landscapes that residents have created. We miss a hell of a lot when we just fly or TP around the grid.
It takes 20 minutes for me to fly by helicopter to the Blake Sea from my house, it takes 2 hours to sail from my house to the Blake Sea and it takes 1 second to TP to the Blake Sea from my house hehe ;-)
I tribute this philosophy of walking everywhere when possible on Second Life to my old buddy Vanyel Gazov who taught me as a young Rex Short/Rhett Whybrow that we miss the beauty of Second Life by not looking around! I lost some of this as being Ziggy but I am gotten back into it full swing. Instead of spinning dance and sploder balls and tip jars I see trees, fantastic builds, landscapes and freedom...
Yeah I will still be dancing at the occasional club but you will either find me at my woodland cabin or experiencing the freedom of sailing on the Blake Seas...
By the way..Ban the Banlines they are ugly and destroy the pleasures of sailing and flying. use security orbs set to reasonable eject/warning times and make Second Life a more beautiful place!

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