Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ziggy gets High....

Well back to real life work for the next 7 days but I sure had a great day off yesterday before the hell week takes effect. Met up with my new buddy: Tomais Ashdene who taught me how to fly a plane. I am glad he wasn't hurt when I crashed into a building ;-)...
Afterwards he took me for a ride in his helicopter and the sights were breathtaking if you catch my drift!
Afterwards I hooked up with Bock McMillan for a bit of dancing before forcing myself to turn off my computer and leave Second Life behind for the next 7 days!

          (above: sexy Tomais Ashdene and myself)

                       (above: Tomais Ashdene)
          (above: myself with beautiful Bock McMillan)

1 comment:

Tomais Ashdene said...

Hey man, had a great time flying with you. Hope your hell week isn't too bad!