Friday, April 20, 2012

What Else Is There To Do On Second Life?

In case you have not noticed lately my blog has slowly been evolving from just another party, club, sex, fashion and fuck blog into more of a destination and travel blog, especially on the Mainland which I have fallen in love with!
Expect more in the upcoming months as I travel across the grid in search of cool places.
I am open to friends who want to travel with me to cool locations and accompany me on expeditions.
Feel free to contact me in world and also feel free to leave comments on this blog of any cool destinations you would like to recommend....

• Sailing. One can see regions with new eyes while doing that. There are multitude of beautiful regions to be reached by water ways. I love it.. Get over your old stereotypes and prejudices about the Mainland. It is not all griefer and noob paradise or empty tracks of flying crap. It has cleaned up quite nicely in some areas and the lag is not always so bad especially compared to a packed club! Give the region of Corsica a try!

• Flying slowly with helicopter over regions. Again a new amazing view of the world below. Just beware the ban lines. On a side note to residents on the mainland. Use security orbs if you must and ban the ban lines. They are ugly and besides what can happen? Someone will come and steal all your prims? Ask me about the great hud you can get that warns of ban lines before it's too late if your a sailor or pilot or hiker!!!

• Visiting amazing places what people have created. Perving peoples' profiles is good source to find many of them. I perv all the time :-)

• Relaxing on some tropical island's sandy beach listening to music and forgetting everything else. Mmm...yup sure, Spurt's Beach counts ;-)

• Live concerts. There are many not so good performers, but there are also some very excellent ones. Check out blues guitarist/vocalist Noma Falta!

• Randomly exploring places where I have never been before. Amazingly there seem to always be new interesting places to be found. SL is very vast place indeed. Hook up with me inworld and we can all go on big, great expeditions....

There is more to Second Life sometimes than fucking, clubbing and drama! Look up the Blake Seas and scuba dive, sail, fly by plane and helicopter (lots of free demo stuff to fly and sail with).
After a great sweaty hike then you can go fuck at a club ;-) Just sayin'
Met some great new friends while exploring, that I might never have met in the clubs. Met my buddies Holter, Tomais and Daniel this way!

Here is a link to a SL forum post with some cool pics and SLurals of some great places to explore:

                      (Below: I live on the mainland region of Corsica)


Bock McMillan said...

SecondLife is immense and offers many things that we sometimes miss due to a disability to shift our focus.

That is why we all need people like you and Eddi to go in front and point us to the wonderful possibilities.

thruraspberryseyes said...

I am almost inspired to explore again, after reading your blog. Since you added me to your blogroll, and seeing the "last posted 11months ago", I'm thinking it would be a real shame not to continue writing about SL places.
On a more selfless note, really great blog. Had a blast reading it. Especially the comments :D