Friday, April 27, 2012

Petite Mesh Avatars...I am Hooked

 The latest buzz on Second Life lately has been Petite avatars, usually made all from mesh. My buddy Tomais Ashdene demonstrated his petite avatars and I was hooked.
These avatars are made of mesh and I am not sure how they work but they make you very very tiny (the size of your boot). They come in all shapes and forms but you need to read everything carefully because they need special clothing and accessories although I found that normal AO's and dance chims/huds work with them just fine.
Can you imagine if everybody became a petite? Your small plot of land could instantly become the size of 20 sims.  Tier would shrink overnight as tiny avatars downsized their land hahahaha.
You can find assorted petites around the grid but best places I have seen so far is FALLEN GODS and  PETITE AVATAR KINGDOM which has free demo's to try before you decide if you love it or not. You must have a mesh enabled viewer or you will not look right.
I may stay a petite for the foreseeable future so if you see me around say "hey" but just don't tread on me!!!!!


Bock McMillan said...

Hmmmm are you petite all over? I saw the hoofs and was hoping you were hu.. like a horse ;P

Actually, you look great as always!

Bock McMillan said...

Pffft you called my bluff... and I might as well correct my earlier comment now, the hoofs are cloven so your pixie is a bull of course!

Seriously though, do they come with petite genitals? I know from earlier that Fallen Gods always supply genitals with their avatars, but I have never shopped at Petite Avatar Kingdom.


Believe it or not I have not made my petite naked yet so I have no idea if he has genitals. Next time I log on I will look. Now still on topic...I sure hope it does have genitals much like yours ;-)

Grunt Popstar said...

Wonders how they work wit the current lot of couple's animations?