Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Viewer Wars...Nirans vs Firestorm vs SLV3

I decided to try out some of the latest builds of the third party viewers yesterday to see what's up. I had stupidly set my land to auto return without checking to see if everything on my land was set to group and bam...almost my whole sim returned to me in an evil cube. I was almost in tears!
Downloaded Firestorm's latest build because I knew it had "Rez to last location" or something similiar. I tried it and it sent all my pretty, little plants, trees, rocks, birds and HOUSE back to their original locations and my life was saved!
Now I spent an hour on Firestorm since it has been a while since I used it and it had very tempting features, the best radar etc but the color and graphics looked washed out and my fps were 10 and below. I tried different settings and realized that with Firestorm it's all about playing with things to try and make it work rather than just plugging it in and going and enjoying SL. Why bother with that shit?
Emerald and Phoenix were once mighty viewers and I loved them but Firestorm, I am sorry, is crap! Now it works great for some people like Larz Kas who uses it and it is flawless. My computer is bigger and better than his and my performance on Firestorm is just not usable! Sorry guys, I know you work hard and do a good job for people but for me it is over...
Now I tried the infamous Nirans Viewer now that I have a better computer and better graphics card and wow...I do like the video on the log in screen and the look of the default skin and user face is excellent. Everything about this viewer was fantastic. The camera swings around a little bizarre but I am sure the settings could fix that. The Nirans viewer seemed to work right out of the box with no dicking around and I got fps of 30 maybe 35 which was not bad. The graphics were stellar and shadows looked 3D to me like I could reach in and jerk off the avatars but it still was not comparable to my latest baby I use (gulp)...The Official Second Life Viewer 3.
SLV3 to me has almost no funky features but I am convinced this is why I get fantastic graphics, fps of 65 to 90 and rarely experience that old dinosaur thing called lag! Love the customization button user face (which to be fair they all have)
and it works right out of the box, no tweaking, no setting confusion, no hours and hours of reading jiras, blogs, instructions, help notes and trouble shooting pages!
I think that since I been using V3 I have definitely been enjoying SL more and as a result I have been going exploring on boats, bikes and planes which before on Firestorm or other viewers, it had been unusable to try to ride a vehicle with so much lag.
Now lately I have been crashing every few hours if I been doing alot of perv camming in a busy club but I do on other viewers as well and I blame that on The hallowed Lindens dicking around with things.
Now I also tried the Exodus Viewer which I had used and recommended for awhile and it too gave me great graphics and performance equal to the SLV3 but there have been no updates for centuries it seems and I think maybe they are no longer going to keep up with it.
To sum my viewer wars up the winner is......drum roll"
1) Official SL Viewer 3
2) Exodus Viewer
3) Nirans Viewer
4) Firestorm Viewer

Never tried any others because to be brutally honest they all look like crap copies of all the big boys without the reach around afterwards.
Party on my sexies and remember what I always say...You can't keep a good dog off your leg...remember what I tell ya! 

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NiranV Dean said...

Ziggy , you should have waited another day :) i announced the final release for 27th xD nuuuu