Friday, April 06, 2012

Bock Lays Down The Rules on Spam and I agree...

I recently had a conversation with my buddy, Bock McMillan about the aggressive, relentless group notice spam and chat that has been rampant lately. I have stopped going to the clubs for the time being to take time out to explore other interests on the Second Life grid and these constant spam and blind TP's often distract and destroy a certain atmosphere.
Now I understand clubs need to advertise and promote their events but a certain DJ sent out 17...yes 17 groups notices and drop downs within 5 minutes through every group he could get his hands on. Often these are followed up by a blind tp offer. If I am interested I will come ok but your endless badgering only makes me want to do the opposite. As a result I quit many DJ and club groups so I am no longer distracted when I am engaged in other activities. Nothing personal but if I do want to come to a party now I will look for it without constant spamming coming at me like a machine gun firing group notices at me faster than the speed of light.


On a side note: I recently heard about the death of my buddy HurtfulSpash Solis and it fills me with terrible sadness. No longer will I hear my friend drink a can of beer and belch and burp loudly and proudly...R.I.P. Hurtfull buddy xoxoxoxoxo

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