Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ziggy Travels The Amazon: For Second Life Premium Members - The Wilderness Amazon

 Recently Linden Labs has revealed a new group of sims for Premium members only. I decided to load up my back pack and travel their new AMAZON region!
To get their you must have a premium member, Second Life Account. Click the link above for more info and landmarks and slurls...You must also be on a mesh enabled viewer.
They are also showcasing the latest mesh objects as well as a new pathfinder feature coming very soon to the grid. I rode a mesh/pathfinder Yak as well as a canoe and river boat. There are several docking areas where a boat eventually docks and you just jump on and ride, taking you on a tour throughout the regions. There are literally hundreds of different trails snaking around the jungle and hills and an equel amount of little camps and sitting areas and old ruins and temples. I spent 2 hours exploring and still did not see everything. The Lindens have really done a fantastic job with this project and it reminds me of a dense jungle version of Calas Galadhon.
This is definately finding a permanent place in my picks and favorite landmarks...enjoy!


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DJ InsyX said...

Looks good but they can keep their premium member bullshit lol. I am amazed I even spent so much as one for 4.5 years til i gave it up and went back to basic. Can't believe how much I am saving and what better fun I have not having to pay a monthly fee to play. They need to do more than sub-par housing, bad mainland owning rates, and little sims to visit to get me to buy the kool-aid again.

However, great pics and read sexy buddy.