Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ziggy Scuba Diving at Grey Havens At The Calas Galodhon Sims...

Last night I was bored and no one was online to harass  so I decided to strap on my scuba diving frock and head off to Calas Galodhon to explore the underwater beauty of Grey Havens!
What a spectacular job Tymus tenk and Truck Merideth have done. Underwater landscaping and scenery to take your breath away including wales galore, fish of every sort (and fish not normally seen including some rare specimens) as well as jellyfish and even a ride-able sea turtle.
Dense grass, reeds and underwater plants give way to coral gardens abundant with sea life and underwater ruins in a natural setting and display.
I have often wandered the lands of Calas Galodhon and the surrounding sims but this was my first peek under the water there and what a surprise!
10 out of 10 Zig points no question and second to none!
Now that I have cut way down on my bar hopping and partying I seem to be undertaking some great exploring journeys around the grid and this was defo one of the best ones!

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Tomais Ashdene said...

Next time you want to go scuba, let me know! There are some fun places out in the Blake Sea to dive - the Linden Moles have hidden bits of treasure around to find. :-)