Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Minimalist On The Mainland...Ziggy Gets Back To Basics at Bron Yr Aur

 Not been blogging much here in the past little while because I been very busy in real life and busy moving again in Second Life!
My boyfriend Holter and I had been living in a huge Hollywood Style Mansion on a tropical beach for the past few months and even held our big, birthday bash, house party there a few weeks ago. It was a huge house and it sat on a huge quarter sim which was costing us an arm and a leg to rent. We loved the place, loved the house but with us both being very busy lately with our real lives we found we were just not online enough to justify paying a huge chunk of real dollars for so much virtual land when we were offline collectively for weeks at a time!
After spending some time hiking around the grid as my alt, Valiant..I began discovering the feeling of living almost free on Second Life like we all did as noobs. The fun and joys of discovering. We had no homes and needed no homes but we just logged on and off where we were.
I began to think and discuss with Holter about minimilizing everything and not spending so much on pixel belongings...
We decided to give up the huge house and huge tropical island and maybe move into my small, almost-free, Linden House but it was just too restricting in prims!
As i was hiking around on the mainland, I came across this medium sized strip of land on a mountainside by the Linden Ocean. It was for sale!!!!
Long story short, I decided to try buying land from the Lindens, paying a small tier fee and living on the smaller sized land.
All my years as Ziggy I had always lived on tropical, beach property but in my other life when I was the avatar named Rhett Whybrow, I owned a plot of mainland in a forest setting and made it into a small farm with horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens etc. I was missing that and this was a perfect opportunity to return to my roots, so to speak and once again live in the woods, in a log cabin and a more northern climate with more than just palm trees and sand!
These pictures show Holter and my new woodland home on the mountainside. I named it "Bron Yr Aur" which had been the name of my farm 3 years ago which is also the name of a small, cottage in Wales in real life where one of my favorite bands of all time-Led Zeppelin, had stayed in and wrote and recorded songs for the "Led Zeppelin 3" album!
I am part Welsh/British with some Irish in me so this was close to my heart as well as a name with a meaning! Bron Yr Aur means golden breasts or hill of gold in the way the morning sun would shine on the hillside. The morning sun shines on the mountainside of our new home!!!
It is deep forest in the back with abundant wildlife-birds,squirrels, racoons, deer and down the hill it leads to the shore of the vast Linden Oceans so it is a great place for us to do our speed boating and canooing.
As my friend Kyle said when he visited last night..."It;s very peacefull here" and this is a good place for Holter and I to escape to when our real lives get nuts!

(Below: My old Avatar: Rhett Whybrow at my old Bron Yr Aur)

This is a video of the real life BRON YR AUR...

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Bock McMillan said...

To start with the most important matter, Your ass truly looks bloody awesome in a kilt! ;)

Congrats to the new home, guys, I hope you will be happy at Bron Yr Aur. Biggest hugs!