Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mainland by Foot: Ziggy's Trip Part Two

 Aspromised here are some pictures taken during my hike by foot on the mainland of Corsica. I believe the roadway I was on was Route 11 but I forget. I started out from my home but found myself boxed in after a few minutes by horrific ban lines and had to turn back. I went home and had a visit with Bock McMillan and then decided to continue on my journey on Route 11.
So many interesting houses and mansions along the way but you have to keep your eye out for roving ghost vehicles on the roadways because they will run you over. Their are taxis, buses, trucks, cars, 1 seat orbs and even big, trojan horses going down the Linden Highways and you can even jump in them to ride if you desire but I wanted to walk this time and resisted hopping on my Harley!
 (Above) Right behind my home I found this slum/apocalyptic city and if you look closely by my feet there was a cobra in a box which jumped out at me!

 Found this cool house with a wall of water cascading down!

 Began hiking on Route 11 on the Corsica region...

 Beware the vehicles that will run you down if your not watching.

The mainland has some wonderful sites if you take your time and explore. You can go for hours on here and still not see eveything.

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