Sunday, March 11, 2012

Living On The Second Life Mainland....

Been living at our new home at Bron Yr Aur on the Mainland, Corsica region now for a week plus and have fallen in love. I am lucky enough so far to have found a quiet plot of land with no sign of visitors, trespassers or griefers and the sky is relatively clear of floating crap!
What I have learned to love about the mainland is that I can walk, ride or sail for hours with no borders or boundaries that exist on a private sim, island or homestead. I recently took a 4 hour canoe trip down the coastal area of the Linden Sea surrounding Corsica and despite the occasional ban lines, it was a wonderful trip and I discovered fantastic builds and landscaping around every bend...Huge castles, tiny, cozy homes, beautiful bays, massive yachts and waterways and numerous other people sailing, swimming and boating. A few people yelled out to me from the shore and said their hello's as I sailed by the shore! It seems like the mainland can have more of a community feeling in some sections and exploring the mainland it feels like the adventurous days of discovering everything for the first time as a noobie!
There are endless highways running through every region of the mainland where despite the annoying sim crossings, I can ride my motorcycle forever at full speed. Trails for horseback riding, parks (I live near the Linden Memorial Park) and endless interesting and some not so interesting buildings and areas!
Our home is nestled in a little nook off the main thouroughfare of the Linden Skirvin Sea on east Corsica and as I sit on our dock or porch I often see distant boaters on yachts sailing by. When I lived on a private sim I had to recreate such a peaceful scene with a scripted texture of a ship sailing by!
Living on private sim/islands all these years was nice and I have beautiful memories but now I have fallen in love with the mainland and the variety it offers and may never go back!
I am planning another huge canoe trip soon and this time I will take some pics and share them here with you....

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