Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Sunday...

Well what an eventfull week...Finally broke down and splurged on a new computer but what a horrific experience!
I got up bright and early with the excitement of going to a local electronics store called "Futureshop" here in Toronto, Canada. I wrote down all the specific requirments needed to run Second Life and got info from some websites and blogs as to what system was recommended for a fast smooth SL performance and handed it to the saleman in Futureshop. He showed me this huge beautiful 17 inch screen desktop computer with the tower built into the monitor. He assured me it had a better graphics card than the recommended specifics I offered him for SL.
The thing was so huge and heavy I needed a cab to carry it home which was just down the street. I unpacked it, set it up and sat through the agonizing task of what seemed like millions of windows updates....
The moment of truth. I was about to experience Second Life in the best quality and performance I had ever seen and on an huge screen.
I downloaded Firestorm and logged in....Oh FUCK!
Ten minutes later when my inventory finally slowly loaded I experienced nothing rezzing at all and such sluggish movement I was dumbfounded.
I installed the Exodus viewer and got only 5 frame rates as per 0 on Firestorm.
This computer was slower and worse than my old 2 year old laptop. I was so livid I almost threw the monitor through the window!
I packed the lemon up as best I could and cabbed it back to the store in a snowstorm and demanded the computer with the standards I asked for. He looked up the system requirements for me on a PC and said that the card I had was not combatible with Second Life although it was indeed one of the top of the line cards. Don't ask me the name of the card because I don't care, it sucked! I want my GEFORCE NVIDIA!!!!!!
Anyways he showed me a big DELL laptop with a NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 525M graphics card and I waited 2 hours for them to format it for me and I cabbed my new baby home!
When I hooked the computer up I imediately added Firestorm and Exodus viewers and logged in with baited breath....
Firestorm gave me great performance with frame rates of 24 to 30 and fast rezzing and loading and no lag however I was seeing these glittery, blue sparkles on many of the prims. Looked nice yes but silly!
Logged on with my current favorite The Exodus Viewer and was agasp at the almost instant loading, faster performance, no glitter on the prims, no lag to be heard of and frame rates of 40 to 66!!!!!!! Double to what Firestorm offered me!
Anyways I cannot endorse The EXODUS VIEWER enough and now I love my new computer and seeing SL in a new, lag free way like never before.
Now I am reading and hearing about this unbelievable bullshit from Linden Labs about fucking over the third party viewers and breaking the Viewer tag functionality because the Lindens basically want to cover up and censor the fact that noone uses their viewer and how embarrassing that it. They really have no fucking clue!

Read more on this new linden policy here:

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