Friday, February 03, 2012

Diary Of A Mad Avatar....

Well it's back to real life work for me tomorrow and I most likely won't be on Second Life for the next 7 days. I took today to relax and regroup but instead I went berserk...with activities!

(Above and below: Zig at The Chameleon Club)

 (Above: Afternoon Boat Ride)
 (Above: Early evening helicopter ride)
 (Above: Dinner at the Grand Canyon)
(Above: Heading out to the highway)

(Above: After sweating at break neck speed on our bikes we went to a Noma Falta concert and partied to some fantastic blues rock)

What a fantastic busy day and now I have to leave SL behind for a week and return to real life UGH....see ya babies xxx


Anonymous said...

Have a great week Ziggs! -Stan

Bock McMillan said...

Doing things out of the ordinary IS relaxing, Ziggy-stud!

Now be careful out there in first life, we all want you back as the big-hunky-bundle of joy that you are!

Have a wonderful Saturday ;)