Thursday, January 05, 2012

Zigs New Years Resolutions for 2012...

Every year the same old shit but it is tradition and resolutions are always broken. Two years in a row I vowed to bag Ryce Skytower but this year I have a boyfriend so no can do....your safe Ryce too Bock!

Ziggy's 2012 New Years Resolutions:
-Marry my boyfriend Holter
-Maybe, maybe maybe have a baby (WTF)
-Keep Ziggy clean and sober
-travel every inch of the Second Life highways on motorcycle with Holter
-Use less prims
-stop changing my fucking appearance
-cut way down on clubs and bars
and finally....
-tone down my bitch tongue a little hehehe


Carl said...

Great look Ziggy.

Holter said...

Ziggy some of these are on my list too ... wink :)

Christo Spyker said...

Not easy goals, Ziggy and especially not the last 4. *grin*
I can only wish you a lot of succes.