Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Exodus Viewer....The New Viewer On The Block

The Exodus Viewer Website and Download

I been hearing a lot of talk about the Exodus Viewer these past few weeks and how what started off as a viewer good for combat on Second Life has now turned out to be a great viewer of choice because of it's faster performance, graphics and features. It has been no secret to readers of this blog that I have dicked around with many viewers, especially Firestorm, in my quest to stop my constant laggy, sluggishness and hard crashes that I have suffered from since the cursed mesh entered the virtual world of Second Life. 
I tried the new Linden Lab Viewer 3 and nothing rezzed half the time and it lagged like a mother fuck. It seems the Firestorm Viewer is already out dated and they seem to be taking their sweet time updating it and I am sick of waiting for promises of things to come, only to crash and be disappointed. I need to try something else....
I heard alot about the Niran Viewer and before I even tried it I was put off by the arrogant attitude of it's developer who appears throughout the net on message boards, bragging and slagging other viewers. Well I downloaded it and had to search for the god damn Icon to click on to open the viewer and found it buried in a folder somewhere and no convenient, pretty, little Icon on my desktop that all the other viewers bless us with. When I got it up and running I crashed immediately. Tried it again. Lag lag lag and sluggish, worse than any of the viewers and although I admit I loved the unique, different look of it all it just wouldn't cut it for me!
Sooooo....I downloaded the Exodus Viewer and was instantly smitten.
The Exodus Viewer reminded me of Firestorm only better with fast loading of graphics, smoother, non-laggy performance and most of the cool, features I loved about Firestorm. It has radar built in, multiple clothing layers, easy to use built-in AO feature and best of all faster on my system almost if not equal to Phoenix Viewer 1 without the mesh only in the sleek, new Viewer 3 format that I think I like. My only complaint was the gesture button gives you a list of all your gestures in your inventory and not just the ones you have enabled. It is also very customizable with it's button layout etc etc. I have only used it for 4 hours so far so I have not really tested it and so far though I have not crashed on it. I used it to go to a very crowded, laggy party and was surprised by it's constant great performance. I can have my usual graphic settings on medium like I was used to before the horrible mesh made me have to set my graphics on low and I'm sorry if I bitched about this before but why should I have to suffer with a poorer looking Second Life just so someone can wear a pretty stupid mesh dress. I said it before and I will say it again, mesh sucks!
Anyways I won't get started on mesh again and how it ruined SL for many of us but instead plan on playing with this new Exodus Viewer for awhile and see what happens and let you all know.
Here is a little video of some of Exodus Viewers features and stuff....enjoy!

Exodus Viewer

Exodus Viewer is a new flavour of the Second Life Viewer 3 series, packed with useful features to enhance the experience of competitive play in Second Life. Photographers, roleplayers, fighters and virtual sport stars will benefit from a viewer designed for maximum performance! Exodus Viewer also packs some cool visual effects that are perfect for photographers and machinema film makers.
Major Features

  • Based on Secondlife 3.2.6/3.2.7, keeping upto date with the latest features and fixes!
  • Plenty of unique graphics features for photographers.
  • Various built in HUDs, such as a range finder, and situational awareness HUD.
  • A bunch of friend-foe identification features.
  • Huge enhancements and changes made to the minimap.
  • Allows you to adjust minimap colors, even in mass, by right-clicking a selection on the minimap.
  • Various adjustments on how the minimap appears, to make it more useful for combat.
  • Highly customizable settings related to minimap, default colors and even script windows.
  • The usual, various chat commands seen in various TPV viewers.
  • Options to automatically disable various rendering types such as clouds, water, foot shadows, etc.
  • Request teleport feature, allowing your friends to request a teleport from you!

  • New graphics functionality
  • The parametric deformer Alpha
  • Mesh upload
  •  New FUI options and improved chat bar
  • V1-style chat console
  • Ability to save or load position and rotation information of a object into it’s description (something I’ve been wanting for years – so YAY, EXODUS!)
  • AZERTY keyboard support
  • The new V3.2 snapshot floater
  • A range of options imported from other TPVs
  • RLV/a
  • Bug fixes.
Exodus is available in Windows, Mac and Linux flavours – this review is based on the Windows release.

SL Machinima Pro Tutorial: Introducing Exodus Viewer from Pesto Portland on Vimeo.

Exodus Podcast

Read More Here

 UPDATE:  I been using this viewer now for 2 days and have not crashed. The performance is spectacular with speed and movement I have never achieved on my laptop pc, even with Phoenix Viewer 1.  I cannot recommend this EXODUS VIEWER more, it is the viewer I been waiting for.
The developers of Exodus are gods to me, thanx guys for a fantastic piece of work here, you did it. You cured my sluggish lag even in the laggiest of sims with a full blown party of 30 plus avatars in it. 
Well done, goodbye Firestorm!


Bock McMillan said...

Woohoo, thanks for that info, Ziggy! It looks like a great viewer and I will be excited to try it, although the Firestorm has worked well for me there are a few glitches.

One irritating one is the fact that I don´t get sound or am able to move around until I have tp´d off to somewhere else first - and that first tp takes a long time. After that initial problem it runs smoothly.


I am loving this viewer so far and have yet to crash.
I set up the built in AO and although this viewer is still Beta it is working like a charm. A southern charm ;-)


Hey man, I saw you slagging on the SLuniverse forum. Anyways your viewer was very cool I admit but for me it did not give me the speed that Exodus does. The reason I like Exodus because it gives me the power and performance I had before on my same 1 year old computer as before. I refuse to but a newer computer when the one I have is new, powerful and worked just fine before mesh came along. I could give a shit about mesh if it causes all these issues for me.