Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tadd's Caberet and Dance Club shows how it's done right....

Lately I been going to the fabulous Tadd's Caberet And Nightclub and have always had a fantastic time. The club is always friendly and welcoming as fuck and the hot dancers, cute hosts and happening DJ's as well as the owners; Tadd Rives and Johny Alderton make this my current favorite place to be on Second Life. 
I remember hearing about this club through a few friends of mine including Eddi Haskell, who raved about it and at the time I was forcing myself to try and have fun at some other cliquey club that was always happening in the same time slot at Tadd's party's, so I never got the chance to go until a few months ago.
Finally after being snubbed repeatedly at the competitors club, I decided to make my way over to Tadd's via a private helicopter so kindly provided by Mr Haskell and when I arrived I was overwhelmed by the friendly "Hello's" and welcomes. The hello's turned out to be not just from dancers with outstretched palms begging for Lindens in the promise to suck my cock but from the gracious hosts, DJ's, club owners AND the friendly crowd in attendance. Right away I was impressed by the relaxed, friendly, non-cliquey atmosphere.
I wish I always had enough Lindens to tip them all because if any club deserves tips it is this place and although I try and tip when I can (I have no SL job) they have told me on numerous occasions that tipping was not so important to them but the fact that I came and had a good time!
As time went by I had more and more fun and now I am there regularly when I have free time. Screw the cliquey clubs...
Now Tadd's also has special meaning to me as I met my boyfriend Holter there as well as some great, new friends like Mike Adams (one of the dancers) and long time friends like Scotty Everett, Eddi Haskell, Ryce Skytower and the happening DJ's like Tinamarie, Jared, Jonathon, Johny Boy, Brien,  InsyX etc as well as some fabulous live musicians that often play at Tadd's as well.
There are party's every night at Tadd's usually from 7pm to 9pm Second Life Time and music ranges to everyone's tastes! Also Tadd's has rental, beach houses available and I visited one and they are more spacious than many other places.
I strongly urge you to check the place out because you will be welcomed warmly and will not receive the clique treatment and sure to have a great fun time!

Visit Tadd's Now Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Castro%20Beach%20Resort/52/231/22
I can't rave more about such a friendly club....
For more information, pictures and general all around club info go check out their official websire:
Tadd's Caberet and Dance Club Website


Tadd said...

Wow Ziggy what a awesome write up. Love ya mate. xxxx

Bock McMillan said...

So damn true, Tadd´s is a friendly place and should be promoted every chance we get! ;)