Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Say Goodbye To Viewer 1

The day is dawning and the end is very near for viewer 1's like the Phoenix Viewer. We were told it would happen and the beginning of the end is near.
Oz Linden has announced an update coming to the inventory feature which will apparently not work with Viewer 1's so if your still using something like the Phoenix Viewer you will have no inventory, unable to change clothes, get landmarks etc etc etc. You are forced to have to switch to the Viewer 2 like Firestorm or the Viewer 3 like the new, latest, Official Second Life Viewer.

From Oz Linden:
We’re going to deploying changes to the inventory backend soon that improve robustness and performance, but in testing those changes we found that existing viewers relied on certain things being strictly ordered.  With the new backend, that assumption does not always hold true.Changeset d327dcc8ae51<https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-development/changeset/d327dcc8ae51>from viewer-development implements the viewer change needed to avoid race conditions.  It should be straightforward to apply to any viewer, and is safe to release before the changes are deployed (it is compatible with the services as they are now).You are strongly urged to port this patch and get it deployed.

Now the sky is not falling right this second and developers may very well make upgrades to keep Viewer 1's working but it is now just a matter of time. You were warned, I was warned, we all were warned.
I am glad I been using the Viewer 2's long enough now that I am completely comfortable. In fact I forget how to use viewer 1's/Phoenix now. Besides the crashing and lag which I am being forced to get used to, I love the Firestorm viewer and looking forward to their imminent release of Viewer 4 which they say will include the option to use the new Linden Lab Viewer 3 interface (confusing yes). Their viewer 4 includes the ability to edit jewelry size by a number system and the option to include multiple messages when your avatar is set to away or unavailable etc etc. I am told this new Firestorm Viewer 4 release is due any moment now.
Here we go into the great looming, Mayan 2012 end of days, apocalyptic year and cccchanges are coming. Turn and face the strange....cccchanges!

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