Friday, January 13, 2012

Pardy Hardy..

Finally have some fuckin' dayze off from my fucked up real life work schedule and got to do some serious partying with Holter. I already foretold of days and nights of debauchery when I have had to work to hard and too long so you know of which I speak when I say how hard we partied, snogged, shagged, shook and shimmied! Attended a great birthday party for Kharissa Indigo with Dj Shepherd playing a hot selection of tunage in attendance with my man Holter as well as Slcelebrities: Larz Kas, Kyle Beckett, Chaz and Kip, Dj Thorn and so many more. I had my camera ready for some photos but SL antics were rendering me unable to take pictures or to save them so it was a bust in that department. Lindens dropped the ball yet again!
However we were much too busy having fun, worrying about the Lindens and just doing it to make much a blog post here other then to let the pictures tell the story...but first a word from our sponsor:

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog program...

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