Thursday, January 26, 2012

Noma Falta and Live Muscicians In Second Life....

For many years now I have often taken the time to go to Second Life clubs and concert halls which feature Live musicians. Live musicians which actually sing and play real life instruments.
Over the years on my blog here I have featured concerts such as Kiss, Pink, Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc which featured avatars which resemble the singers and musicians but play on a stage to a backup live tape of pre-recorded concerts by the actual band.
Live musicians actually sing and play in real life and stream it into Second Life.
Of all the great musicians I have seen the one that keeps popping up more and more and keeps impressing me over and over again is the fabulous NOMA FALTA...
She plays bass and sings, mostly blues and rock tunes with a tremendous back up tape of other instruments. I have heard who do great versions of tunes like "Breakdown" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers as well as even some Led Zeppelin blues.
Check out the pics and video below and her web site here:
Noma Falta is a musician playing blues and soulful rock in virtual worlds and In-person around the globe.  Although  she is a classically trained  violinist, at a young age , she left a 10 year career with symphonies  to pursue her love of singing and playing live  rock and blues music - and never looked back.  Gospel and blues are the foundations of her singing .

Her experience is extensive with  many years of live performance (her favorite!)  and studio sessions.  Noma has played all around the United States and some overseas  as well.  From her first duo gig in coffee shop to a 12-piece Soul band  to 3 piece blues bands - music is the journey  that will never stop.

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