Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mesh - A Second Look...

I been using the new EXODUS VIEWER now for 2 or 3 days non stop as my main viewer. It seems flawless and although still in beta, I found my frame rates increased, I am rarely experiencing any serious lag, I never crash (yet in 3 days) and I can still see Mesh! I love Exodus so much I uninstalled Firestorm and added a permanent link on this blog to their web site. All this on a viewer 3, mesh enabled viewer. I love the v3 format and did I mention I can see mesh? hehehehe
I endorse and recommend the Exodus Viewer 100%.
Now that I can stop raging over viewer performance for the first time since July 2011 maybe now I can start looking at mesh on Second Life in a different light with a more open mind.
Mesh clothing is still useless crap to me because until they can get it together enough to re-size the clothes to fit the avatar and not the other way around then it is a no go for me!
Now other mesh stuff might not be something to be sniffed at...The picture above is me sitting on what I believe, is mesh furniture owned by Holter. It looks hot, the colors are happening and gives it a sleek modern look. I have seen other objects created with mesh which look similarly good and realistic. Maybe I should stop saying Blaaaaaaaa to everything mesh and wait for it to develop more and see what happens. Now that it stops lagging me then maybe I can kiss and make up with mesh!

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Anonymous said...

I'm hugely opposed to mesh --- seems a stupid solution --- more another complication! I mean, why doesn't sl just give us guys one more pant layer -- as with shirts which has three layers -- Why not pants too? Would open up a lot of solutions where I know I have issues. But mesh? ... I don't see the benefit.

Now you testimony here of Exodus (eek what a name) .. is helpful and I should check it out. I really do trust in your reviews.

~ dune