Sunday, January 01, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 -Old Memories and New Beginnings

Here we are again in a new year 2012. Everybody I have spoken too has nothing but positive thoughts that 2012 is going to be an great, uplifting year and that for many 2011 was not such a good year for some of us.
2011 for me was not so great as I went through 2 SL marriages that did not last however on a positive note I had met these 2 beautiful men in 2011 and we all remain close friends still.
Kyle Beckett and Aeschylus Shepherd will be my friends for life and I wish them a very happy 2012.
At the very tail end of 2011 I met someone new. I have started 2012 off with a bang meeting Holter and now knowing him better I see why the things happened in the past which lead up to my destiny of being with Holter...Already 2012 is a hit!
Started off New Years Eve dancing with DJ Regi Yifu at his fabulous Warehaus69 Club while waiting for my man to come on line. Holt came online and we went to the track to do some motorcycle riding on the open highway.
Nothing beats racing down the road with everything rushing by on a bike, every nerve alive, hair blowing back and holding on to the waist of your man hunk.
Roaring throbbing engine between my thighs as the burnout smoke encircled us as though we had taken to the machines in harmony, hear the engines cries! ;-)
What a wonderful evening with my new man....

When we could ride no more we cleaned up quite nicely and got in our New Years best clothes and went club hopping and ended up at my current, favorite club: Tadd's Nightclub where the owners, the crowds are always, constantly friendly and welcoming. DJ Jarred pumped out the tunes as we danced and enjoyed the last few hours of 2011 and welcomed the new year 2012 together.
This was the first New Years Eve where Ziggy was completely sober on Second Life with no drinkie-poo's, cigs or drugs in hand. Every second was em-blazed in my mind.
Welcome 2012, already it looks like we are going to be friends!

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