Monday, January 23, 2012

Dancing Days Are Here Again...

Well my hiatus did not last long! Every time I announce a break from blogging I hear so much encouragement from friends that I become re-inspired and get fresh ideas so....You can't get rid of Ziggy that easily!
Alot has happened in the past few weeks....
Had a visit from some friends starting with my new buddy  Stan Christenson, Kolin Wylie, Kyle Beckett and Mike (Naughty Mikey) Adams...

(above Myself and Stan Christenson)

(Above: Kolin Wylie)  
(Above: Mike "Mikey" Adams and myself)

Above: Also this week my boyfriend Holter and I moved to a new island and into a new home
Above:  Our new living room
Above: On January 22, 2012, Holter and I celebrated our 1st month anniversary together and Holt surprised me with this huge Teddy Bear.
Above: Left to Right - Me, Holter and Bock McMillan at Bocks beautiful Southern Charm Sim.
Above: Bock McMillan and Ziggy at Southern Charm Sim. Truly a fantastic place where Bock and I talked for hours and got caught up on our latest stuff.
Above: Holter and I enjoying a quiet anniversary dinner together in our new home.
Above and below: Holter and I went heading out to the highway again on our trusty Iron Horse and despite horrific sim crossings we ended up always going way to fast...
Above and below: Today I spent my afternoon dancing with my sl brother Larz Kas in the hot sunshine at Spurt's Beach Dance with DJ Thorn Andel and host Wowa Frog.
Above: DJ Thorn Andel the cheeky monkey
Above: Host Wowa Frog
Above: Myself and Larz Kas

Yup babies it looks like dancing days are here again and it seems I am back to blogging yet again.

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Christo Spyker said...

WOW. The fastest return I ever saw!!
Is great to see you back, Ziggy