Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life: Steamy Sexy Bock McMillan

WOW was all I could say when I finally got to do a photo shoot with sexy BOCK McMILLAN! Being Swedish he told me that he does not make a big deal about nudity and so we both agreed that some incredibly, steamy pictures were in order. The entire time I took these photos I wanted to throw the damn camera to the ground and attack this beautiful man but I was a perfect gentleman!
Ever since I began reading Bock's blog at: I knew he was a nice man as well as nice on the eyes. We finally met face to face a few months ago at a Second pride dance when I commented on his sexy, blond, hairy legs!
The pics were filmed naturally on my beach at my home and I let BOCK choose the locations and the poses and I just followed him and snapped away. The results I feel are my best photo work to date!
I am very happy to call Bock my friend and I hope these pics do him justice...enjoy!

Neo Emert and Bee Glasswing's Wedding

This morning I attended the very cool wedding of my buddy Bee Glasswing and his sexy man Neo Emert and it was a wedding to BEEhold! Kharissa Indigo officiated the BEEautifull event and the who's who of sexy men and women were in attendance! You should have BEEn there!
It was early in the morning but when the after party BEEgan and the champagne was served I found myself fully tanked by noon!
I took an extensive amount of pictures and hope you injoy...